Below I have laid out a general overview of this weeks classes (which may change each week to fit my own and members schedules). The classes are by voluntary donation for all and if you would like to make a donation, please contact me for further details. We are all in a facebook-messenger group chat to keep track of changing class times and any other updates, please contact me (my details are found below and on the contact page) to be added into the Nourish Yoga group chat!


This Weeks Classes:

Monday - 7:30AM Gentle Stretch

Tuesday - 7:30AM Beginners Kundalini 

Tuesday-5:00 PM Sun Salutes -Experienced

Wednesday - 7:30AM Kundalini-Experienced

Thursday - 7:30AM Kundalini-Heart Opening

This is a dynamic class.

Friday - 7:30AM Easy Stretch Class

Most Classes run for approximately 1 Hour.

Please see my contact details at the bottom of the page (or on the next) for more questions/requests. For those who wish to donate, please contact me for further details!


A Nourish Yoga Donation:

Please get in touch with me via mobile or email for further details to make a donation.

Thank you to those who have donated! Namaste