"Tread lightly, go lithely, nourish soulfully. Namaste"


Yogis have had long a vision that Yoga unites people with their individual consciousness and universal consciousness, leading to harmony between the body and mind, humans and nature. Certainly in our world we are experiencing a great disconnect and facing stresses and tensions beyond our control. Yoga - one of the oldest  sciences in the world has current research pointing heavily towards acknowledged benefits for physical, mental and spiritual well -being. Thankfully now more than ever, Yoga is accessible to everyone, in its multitude of adaptations and forms.

During my Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training we sometimes compare the human body to a car. There are five things a car requires to run efficiently regardless of the make or model: lubrication, a cooling system, electric current, fuel and of course a capable driver.  If we draw this analogy to our Yoga practice, we note that the Yoga Asanas or postures lubricate the body, keeping our joints, internal organs and our muscles, toned and flexible and increasing our circulation with minimal fatigue. The body is naturally cooled through relaxation and energy (electrical) is awakened through breathing and chanting. Fuel is provided through a nourishing wholesome diet. Through regular meditation practise the ‘driver’ is able to still the mind and focus on navigating that, which is necessary for a calm, peaceful and enjoyable life.

So no matter what your skill levels or goals are, whether fitness related, spiritual journey or just simple curiosity about this tradition, there’s a lot on offer. Be open to the possibilities, feelings of wellness and allow the practice of Yoga to follow you off your mat and imbed itself into your everyday world.


- Irene Iskric

Sivinanda Yoga and Kundalini Awakening Teacher