Nourish Yoga is an independent business grown from the roots upward into what it is today. I decided to create this business when I realised that in this world we are experiencing a great disconnect, something constantly pushing us, as a people, apart, and further from our intended paths. 


I have always had a love for yoga and its holistic healing properties, so it wasn't long into my Yoga journey (a few years) that I decided to travel to the heart of all things Yogic, India, and receive my credentials in a small ashram at the foothills of the Himalayas. Having practiced Yoga for nearly a decade, on many a different continent, through my 40's & 50's, on the bad days and the good, I can truthfully admit that Yoga has become my rock, my centrepiece that keeps my world in check, balanced and centred, not to mention the wonders it has worked for my physical body. 

Yoga can be interpreted into our lives in so many different and fun ways, whether it be a guided meditation before bed, or 50 morning Sun Salutes under the rising sun, what I have reminded, and continue to remind myself daily, is that Yoga is a journey, an experience and a lifelong adventure, so reap the benefits and enjoy it!